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2.1.4 The View and Projections Menus
In addition to the main menu bar, each View Window has another menu with options for controlling just that view. In this section, we will explore some of the features of the View and Projections menus associated with each View Window.
The View Menu
Each View Window also has a View menu that lets you change the point of view, capture the state of the display, and make other changes in the overall view.
First let's look at the Properties dialog for the View Window:
  1. Open the View Window Properties dialog with the View→Properties menu.

  2. Uncheck the Show Wireframe Box item to turn off the 3D box in the display then click the Apply button. Check it again to turn the box back on and click the Apply button.
  3. Uncheck the Show Cursor Readout item to turn off the lat/lon/alt readout at the bottom of the View Window and click the Apply button.
  4. Uncheck the Clip View At Box menu item to turn off clipping of the map lines and other displays at the 3D box and click Apply. Check it again to turn on clipping.
  5. Check the Show Times In Display item to turn on the time label in the view window. Uncheck the Show Display List item and click Apply. The Display List is no longer shown, but the time label is now shown. Note that the time is also shown as part of the Display List for each of the displays and in the Time Animation Widget.
  6. Change the foreground and background colors by clicking the Color widgets and selecting a new color. After making your selection, click Apply.
The default settings for each of these can be set through the User Preferences which will be covered later in the workshop.

Other View Menus
Some of the properties that we just changed can also be set through other View menus.
  1. Select the View→Show menu to see which of the items we changed above are available. Use some of these to change your display.
  2. Select the View→Color menu to change the foreground and background colors of the display. You can select one of the pre-defined foreground/background color pairs, or create your own. Select one of the predefined options to change the display colors. Select View→Color→White on black menu to return to the system default.
  3. Select the View→Full Screen menu to expand the view to the full screen. Click the X to return to normal screen mode.
The View->Viewpoint Menu

Another useful menu item is the Viewpoint menu. This menu can be used to control which side of the 3D box you are looking at.

  1. The five top menu items, Top through West instantly reset the point of view to one of the orthogonal directions. The menu icons show which side of the box will be displayed. Note that Top is the same as the reset command Ctrl-r which we used earlier.
  2. Select the South menu then rotate the box with the keyboard or mouse to see the orientation.
  3. Reset the view to the top.
  4. The Perspective View item toggles between a parallel (unchecked) and perspective (checked) view. Check the box and see what effect it has.
  5. The Viewpoint toolbar:
    provides the same functionality as the menu items described above.

Other Viewpoint menu items

Viewpoint Dialog... displays a dialog box for you to enter the azimuth and tilt of a desired point of view.

Vertical Scale...displays a dialog box to set the linear vertical scaling between the top and bottom the wireframe box. The default is 0 to 16 km. This can also be changed through the Vertical Scale tab of the View Window Properties dialog.

The Projections Menu
The View Window's Projections menu let you change and define the map projection.
Changing Map Projections

Map projections define the region of the earth that you are viewing. The IDV is configured with a set of pre-defined map projections. In a later exercise, you will learn how to create your own. In this exercise, we will learn how to change projections using the system set.

  1. Select the Projections→Predefined→US→CONUS menu item to switch to the continental US projection.
  2. Choose another projection from the Maps→Projections→Predefined menu

The Projections→From Displays menu has a list of projections from the data of any displays.

The Projections→History menu has a list of recently used projections.

The Projections→New/Edit.. menu item is used to bring up the Projection Manager which is used to define projections. You will use this in a later exercise to define your own projections.

Other Projections Menu Items


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