String Searchable Email Archive

Unidata archives all email inquiries regarding the LDM-McIDAS package. One of the quickest ways to solve problems you may be having is to search this archive and see if others have had the same or similar problems. Use the dialogue box to enter the keyword(s) that relate to the problem you are having.

For example, if you received the following message while make was trying to compile lwtoa3:

      ld: Undefined symbol

You could search the archive with the keyword sequence: make lwtoa3. This would search all the messages and return a list of those that contained both the words make followed by lwtoa3.

Multiple keywords will cause records containing the phrase to be returned. Multiple keywords separated by commas and no spaces will cause records containing any of the keywords to be returned. Multiple keywords separated by semi-colons will cause records containing the keywords to be returned.

In this example, after reading through the messages that contained those the phrase make lwtoa3, you would most likely find that you need to build the McIDAS-X libraries before building the LDM-McIDAS decoders.

You can browse through replies to LDM-McIDAS questions sent to Unidata support through LDM-McIDAS Support

LDM-McIDAS FAQ List (under construction)

Version 0.1
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Welcome to the LDM-McIDAS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list. This list contains answers to common problems encountered when using the LDM-McIDAS package. A general description of the package and how to download, install and configure the programs can be found by perusing the topics on the LDM-McIDAS Home Page.

  1. General Information
  2. Installation Questions
  3. Using the decoders

General Information

What is the LDM-McIDAS package?

LDM-McIDAS is a set of LDM-compatible programs for decoding the McIDAS products from the Unidata-Wisconsin (McIDAS) data stream. A detailed list of the functions of these programs can be found here.

Why would I want to use the LDM-McIDAS programs?

The LDM-MCIDAS decoders are the easiest way to convert f0 packetized products in the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream into data files that are readily usable by McIDAS (and GEMPAK for imagery).

Installation Questions

Using the decoders