Release Notes for Unidata McIDAS-X/-XCD v2021

September 9, 2022

Unidata McIDAS-X v2021 is a combination of SSEC McIDAS-X v2021.1 and XCD v2021.1, including additional bugfixes developed by the UPC, and various applications and enhancements from the UPC and others. The v2021 release of Unidata McIDAS-X is, in essence, a Unidata modified/updated version of SSEC McIDAS-X/-XCD 2021.1.

SSEC McIDAS-X v2021.1 Notes (all apply to Unidata McIDAS v2020)

This page contains significant software modifications included in McIDAS-X version 2021.1. The list includes changes that we think are of greatest interest to sites, so is somewhat subjective. See the Fastrack 2021.1 Software Changes to see all of the code changes included in the release.
  1. Changed supported system configurations and build requirements as follows:

    See the 2021.1 Supported System Configurations for the complete list of system configurations where McIDAS-X 2021.1 is supported.

  2. Updated GOES-R Series ABI and GLM servers with additional bug fixes and enhancements. The changes include:

  3. Updated the VIIRS and MSG servers and calibration modules to allow IMGPROBE to return VIIR REF and NREF values and MSGS/MSGT RAD values with more precision. This change improves output for VIIRS SVM and SVI visible, Near IR, and Shortwave IR bands, and MSG RAD in bands 4-6.

  4. Updated the ADDE servers to honor both the client’s and the server’s ADDETIMEOUT environment variable. ADDETIMEOUT now overrides the 600 second timeout of the default ADDE server.

  5. The GVAR servers were updated for EWS-G1 satellite data. GOES-13 became EWS-G1 on 8 September 2020. McIDAS-X checks that date to appropriately set the SS number correctly for each satellite.

  6. The grib servers and GRD* commands were updated to list and display GRIB data with:

  7. The script was updated allow the McIDAS-X system service to be controlled by systemd or xinetd.

  8. Improvements were made to the IMGPROBE command. The new NORM option enhances the displayed image with a histogram normalization by taking the min/max of the specified unit in the defined region and having the displayed BRIT values stretched from 0 to 255. IMGPROBE was updated so the BOX region has a limit of 30,000,000 points, and the BOX CONT (contouring) option has a limit of 10,000,000.

  9. The GAMMA= keyword was added to the IMGOPER command to apply gamma values to output AREA files, and RGB.MCB was added to -XRD, along with many RGB recipes for current real-time satellites. The recipes use IMGOPER with GAMMA= to calculate the red, green, and blue channels, as well as the RGBDISP command to display the products.

  10. The MATCH= and CASEMATCH= keywords were added to the DATALOC and DSINFO commands. Use these keywords to list datasets with an exact match of the specified MATCH= string.

  11. The CM command was updated to correctly circulate the graphics color table on all supported platforms.

  12. The BAR command was updated to work better by default on large frames. The labels and BAR size are more legible. The WIDTH= keyword was added for more control of label line width. The BORDER= keyword was added for control of the grayscale value of the outer and inner borders of the BAR. The user can also turn off the borders with BORDER=.

  13. Updated station database (file STNDB.CORE) with new and corrected METAR, TAF and NAMMOS stations, and new Antarctica stations.

  14. Updated USCOUNTY.MAP and USZONE.MAP files with the most recent National Weather Service GIS-AWIPS Shapefile database updates. The US*.MAP files are used by the WWDISP command and the MAP command’s COUNTY=, MARINE=, STATE= and ZONE= keywords.

  15. Updated the McIDAS-XRD Package (which is included in the McIDAS-X installation files) to include:

    See the McIDAS-XRD Instructions and Software page for the complete list of software included in McIDAS-XRD 2021.1.

SSEC McIDAS-XCD v2021.1 Notes (all apply to Unidata McIDAS v2021)

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