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Plot or contour FOUS data from FOUS14 point files.


FOUSDISP parameter map fsct_time fcst_day


parameter plot TMAX, TMIN, T, TD, CC, WINDB, WINDV, DIR, SPD, PP06, QP06, TH06, SV06, SN06, PP12, QP12, TH12, SV12, SN12, PTYP, PSNO, PZR, CIG, VIS, OBVS, PLOT ID (default = T) :
contour TMAX, TMIN, T, TD, CC, STREAML, DIR, SPD, PP06, QP06, TH06, SV06, SN06, PP12, QP12, TH12, PSNO, PZR, CIG, VIS (default = T)
see table in Remarks for descriptions and default units
map mnemonic any map mnemonic defined in MAP context table
OLAY navigation from image; no map drawn (def)
SAT navigation from image; no map drawn
default do not draw map; use navigation of frame
fcst_time forecast time; if prefixed by + or - indicates a relative time from the present, otherwise value is absolute time of forecast
fcst_day forecast day (default = nearest day)



COL= Graphics color level (default = 3)
DAT= ADDE point data set name; specify as group/descriptor or alias (default = RTPTSRC/FOUS14)
DEC= YES use plot decluttering (default)
NO do not use plot decluttering
LSI= Display height of parameter (default = assigned by FOUSDISP)
RDAy= Output mode [PLOT, CON] (default = PLOT)

Model run time (default = computed)

UNIt= Display unit of parameter (def=see remarks below)



FOUSDISP builds and runs a PTDISP command to display FOUS 14 data from FOUS-schema point files.

You can use PTDISP's SELECT keyword to limit the plot to a specified list or range of values, but you cannot specify a different parameter, time, day or unit than those defined by FOUSDISP's parameters or keywords.

The table below lists the valid parameters, their default units, and a description of the parameter. Default units enclosed in parenthesis cannot be changed.

TMAX F maximum temperature
TMIN F minimum temperature
T F temperature
TD F dew point temperature
CC (code) cloud cover
WINDB (barb) wind barb (of DIR, SPD), where flag=25 mps (~50 knots), long barb = 5 mps (~10 knots), short barb = 2.5 mps (~5 knots)
WINDV (barb) wind vector (of DIR,SPD)
STREAML ( ) streamlines
DIR (degrees) wind direction
SPD KTS wind speed
PP06 (%) 6-hour precipitation probabilities >10%
QP06 (code) 6-hour precipitation totals
TH06 (%) 6-hour thunderstorm probabilities >10%
SV06 (%) 6-hour severe weather probabilities >10%
SN06 (code) 6-hour snowfall amount
PP12 (%) 12-hour precipitation probabilities
QP12 (code) 12-hour precipitation totals
TH12 (%) 12-hour thunderstorm probabilities
SV12 (%) 12-hour severe weather probabilities >10%
SN12 (code) 12-hour snowfall amount
PTYP (code) precipitation type
PZR (%) freezing precipitation probabilities
PSNO (%) snowfall probabilities
CIG (code) ceiling height
VIS (code) visibility
OBVS (code) obstructions to visibility
ID (text) 3-4 character ICAO station identifier
ZS M station elevation
PLOT (plot) station model plot:
 T      PP06
    WIN  ID
 TD      CC 

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