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Toggles image frames on and off.


To toggle image frames on and off,

Press:  Alt K


Type:  K

Press:  Enter

This command allows you to toggle image frames on and off to provide a better view of the graphics.

For some X servers the K command affects only the frame being viewed when the command is run (by pressing Alt K or K then Enter). If this happens with your X server you can ensure that all the image frames will be turned on or off by setting the MCREDRAW_IMAGE environment variable. Note, however, that setting it can result in slower looping because it forces the mcimage process to redraw the image every time a frame is shown.

To set the MCREDRAW_IMAGE environment variable, run the command export MCREDRAW_IMAGE=1 at the Unix prompt before starting your McIDAS-X session. If you want to set the environment variable each time you log on to your account, add the export MCREDRAW_IMAGE=1 command to your $HOME/.mcenv file and add the line . $HOME/.mcenv to your $HOME/.profile file. Be sure to leave a space between the period (.) and $HOME.

See Also

Command W toggles the graphics frame on and off.

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