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Plot/Contour NLDN lightning data


NLDNDISP parm map time day


map mnemonic any map mnemonic defined in MAP context table
OLAY navigation from image; no map drawn (def) (same as NAV=C)
SAT navigation from image; no map drawn
DEF Define map using LAT, LON, SLAT, SLON keywords
time reference time (default = current) see INT= keyword for time span
  FRAME plot data with same time as navigation frame
day Reference day (default = current)



INT=int rel Data window time interval [HH, HH:MM, HH:MM:SS] and relation of interval to time (default = 00:30 C - 30 minutes centered over time)
  C centered,
  L less than
  M more than



CMAP= Base map color (default = 8)
ELE=min max Minimal and maximal element extents (default = frame size dependent)
LAT=min max Minimal and maximal latitude extents
LIN=min max Minimal and maximal line extents (default = frame size dependent)
LON=min max Minimal and maximal longitude extents
NAV= Frame to use for navigation; specify a frame number or C for current frame (default = C); no map is drawn; you cannot use this keyword unless the default is used for the map parameter
PRO= Map projection (CONF,MERC) [default = #SYS(899)]
SLON= Normal longitude for CONFormal projection



COL= Graphics color level of plotted data (default = next available)
GRA= Graphics frame number to display output (default = current)
GU= Enhancment to associate with frame
LAB=text color ele size

Label ext, color, location and size for title

  text title's text; 72 characters maximum; specify X without quotes for default text (default = computed)
color graphics color level of title (default = plot color)
ele beginning TV element to write title (default = left side of the frame)
size size of labels (pixels) (default =plot dependent)
LSI= Plot annotation size (default = 1: LIG-, LIG+, LIG; 6: SGNL & MULT)
OUT= PLOt or LISt output (default = PLO)
SYM= Plot annotation symbol (default = polarity dependent: PLUS,MINUS) choose from: SQUARE, PLUS, MINUS, WPLUS, BOX, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, DIAMOND, PFLASH, NFLASH, PBOLT, NBOLT
SF=YES Displays image/graphics frame (default = NO)


Time is the reference time of a time interval; the length of the time interval is specified by INT= keyword. The value of INT= must be specified in a valid McIDAS time format. Use the rel parameter of INT= to specify the relation of INT to time.

To list out debug statements, use the DEV=GCC keyword combination

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