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Utility for drawing a scale bar at the bottom of the current frame. (Command being sunset)


OLAYBAR <keywords>



Graphic Keywords
GU= The name of a preferred graphics file
WIDth= total width of scale bar in pixels (default 480)
HEIght= total height of scale bar in pixels (default 10)
LEVels= number of non zero radar levels (default 6)
LABel= Label for the scale bar (def 'Rain Rate'). Max 9 characters.
UNITS= Units for scale bar Max 9 characters. (default (mm/hr)).
VALues= Annotation values for the scale bar. Enter as a semicolon termintated string (eg '0.3-2;2-10;10-20;20-40;40-100;>100;')


This utility is designed for putting a scale bar on the bottom of a frame on the graghics plane. It has default values for using 6 or 16 graphics levels.

The default values for 6 and 16 level data for the GU and VALUES keywords match those in the FRMOLAY utility. These are RADAR6_16.GRX for 6 levels of overlay data on 16 graphic level frame, RADAR6_32.GRX and RADAR16_32 for use on a frame with 32 graphic levels. For other level data you should supply your own table.

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