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3 Abstract Data Distribution Environment - ADDE

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This section of your McIDAS Learning Guide contains information about the ADDE (Abstract Data Distribution Environment) software in the core McIDAS package. The ADDE allows your workstation to act as a client, efficiently accessing data from multiple McIDAS-X servers. This chapter introduces you to ADDE concepts and use.

The great majority of McIDAS functionality has been transitioned to use of ADDE programs. For those functions where an ADDE replacement is not available, the McIDAS Learning Guide shows the non-ADDE commands to use.

This introduction provides an overview of the ADDE system. The following topics are included:

The following commands are used in this lesson.

Command Function

AKA manages and lists aliases for dataset names
DATALOC manages and lists the client routing table
DSINFO lists datasets on local and remote servers
DSSERVE manages and lists dataset names on the local server
IMGCOPY copies image data from one dataset to another
IMGLIST lists images in a dataset

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