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5.1 Examples of Displaying/Manipulating Images

Commands in this category operate on image data, like satellite and radar images.

Commands to use with ADDE datasets:

Command Purpose
BAR Draws a grayscale bar on a frame containing an image.
D Lists the digital values at the cursor center.
EB Black and white contrast stretching.
ENH Interactively colorizes an image.
EU Enhancement utility.
FRMOLAY Overlay IMAGE data on navigated frame.
IMGCHA Changes an image directory.
IMGCOPY Copies image data from one dataset to another.
IMGDEL Deletes images in a dataset.
IMGDISP Displays image data.
IMGFILT Applies filters to image data.
IMGLIST Lists images in a dataset.
IMGMAG Changes the magnification of a displayed image.
IMGOLAY Overlay image data onto a base image.
IMGOPER Applies mathematical functions to image data.
IMGPLOT Displays a scatter plot of data values from two images.
IMGPROBE Lists or plots image data for a region of the displayed image.
IMGREMAP Remaps images into different projections.
MAP Displays a map and latitude/longitude lines on a graphics frame.
MDDPI Creates Derived Product Image from MD and AREA files.
OLAYBAR Draw a scale bar at the bottom of the current frame.
PCMW Computes a velocity vector.
SU Image data stretching utility.
VASTBL Creates calibration transforms for Mode AA VAS data.

Commands to use with AREA files

Command Purpose
ADUMP Lists the contents of an area in hexadecimal.
ASTAT Measures image statistics.
AVGI Reduces image resolution by averaging.
AXFORM Generates multiple files from an area.
CONLEV1B Convert SAA Level 1B image to McIDAS AREA.
GOESCOMP Composites GOES-East/West images and optionally runs NORTMAPR.
IMGGRD Analyzes satellite image data onto a grid.
MAKEAREA Makes a McIDAS area from a flat image file of brightness.
MAKNAV Creates a navigation entry for an area.
MC Combines two areas to produce a new output area.
NORTEL Two channel image combination.
NORTMAPR NORTEL imagery and update ROUTEing and system key tables.
PRDUTIL PRD area file utility.
REMAP Remaps an area into a different projection.
TIRCAL Calibrates POES (TIROS) areas.

- indicates archaic commands that will be dropped from a future release so their use is strongly discouraged.

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