NetCDF  4.9.0
NetCDF Functions
Functions are organized according to the netCDF data model.
 NetCDF File and Data I/ONetCDF opens datasets as files or remote access URLs
 DimensionsDimensions are used to define the shape of data in netCDF
 VariablesVariables hold multi-dimensional arrays of data
 AttributesAttributes hold metadata about data and files
 GroupsNetCDF-4 added support for hierarchical groups within netCDF datasets
 User-Defined TypesUser defined types allow for more complex data structures
 The Version 2 APINetCDF's modern history began with the introduction of the V2 netCDF API by Glenn Davis and Russ Rew in 1991
 NetCDF Error HandlingEach netCDF function in the C, Fortran 77, and Fortran 90 APIs returns 0 on success, in the tradition of C