NetCDF Users Guide  v1.1
Appendix C. NUG Style Guide

The NUG is being converted from either straight doxygen (typically .dox files) or mixed doxygen/markdown files (typically .md files). During the conversion, we will apply the following style conventions.
This list may expand.

For the time being, the final files will use some doxygen conventions, as we are converting the source files but we are not, as of yet, removing the NUG from the doxygen ecosystem.

These conventions should also be used when adding new documentation to the NetCDF Users Guide.


Style Conventions

  • File names end with the .md prefix.
  • Files are organized one rendered page per file, in markdown format. This may require splitting some .dox files (which can contain multiple rendered pages) into multiple files.
  • Raw HTML is considered valid markdown.
  • Paragraphs written one sentence per line, with no blank space between them. Blank spaces denote different paragraphs. This helps with diff viewing.


The following table shows the various html and doxygen tags which may exist in the existing documentation, and what the corresponding markdown syntax should be.

doxygen html markdown description
<pre>/<\pre> ```` Quote Blocks