Digital Library Record Generation and Harvesting

Digital Library Record Generation with the DLwriter Service


The DLwriter service must be enabled in the threddsConfig.xml configuration file before it can be used. This is done by adding the following lines:


Further configuration must be done before the DLwriter can be used on remote catalogs. This requires the addition of an allowRemote element:



The DLwriter service generates digital library records for each dataset in a given catalog. The following parameters can be used:

As follows:

The digital library records are written to ${tomcat_home}/content/thredds/DLwriter.

Digial Library Harvesting

Install the DLESE OAI Provider

  1. Follow these instructions for installing: Current version is 3.10 as of this writing.
  2. You can use the Tomcat manager to upload the war file and install on your server.
  3. The OAI manager will be at http://server:8080/oai/ (see motherlode example). Follow the documentation to configure.

OAI Harvesting

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