TDS and ncISO: Metadata Services

The TDS distribution includes the ncISO package from NOAA/NGDC (many thanks to Dave Neufeld and Ted Habermann).

ncISO Services

ncISO supports three new services for datasets:

Enabling ncISO Services

The ncISO services are disabled by default and can be enabled for locally served datasets by including the following in the threddsConfig.xml file:


Providing ncISO Services for Datasets

Once ncISO is enabled, datasets can be configured to have the three ncISO services in the TDS catalog configuration files similar to the way other services are configured. The service element's serviceType and base attribute values must be as follows:

<service name="ncml" serviceType="NCML" base="/thredds/ncml/"/>
<service name="uddc" serviceType="UDDC" base="/thredds/uddc/"/>
<service name="iso" serviceType="ISO" base="/thredds/iso/"/>

The dataset to be served must reference a containing compound service by the service name. For instance, if a compound service named "all" contained all three services listed above:

<dataset ID="sample" name="Sample Data" urlPath="">

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