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Utility for overlaying IMAGE data on navigated frame. (Command being sunset)


FRMOLAY dataset(s) <keywords>


dataset(s) list of IMAGE datasets to overlay


Graphic Keywords
GU= The name of a preferred graphics file
BAR= N or Y - no scale bar (default=Y for RADAR)
WIDth= total width of scale bar in pixels (default 480)
HEIght= total height of scale bar in pixels (default 10)
LABel= Label for the scale bar (def 'Rain Rate'). Max 9 characters.
UNITS= Units for scale bar Max 9 characters. (default (mm/hr)).
VALues= Annotation values for the scale bar. Enter as a semicolon termintated string (eg '0.3-2;2-10;10-20;20-40;40-100;>100;')
Overlay Keywords
INT=time rel Maximum allowable time difference between Overlay and Frame if explicit overlay position not specified. Format HH HH:MM HH:MM:SS. Specify 0 to allow infinite time difference (default=1 hour) rel relation of interval to time. 'C' centred, 'L' less than 'M' more than. (def='C')
OBANd= band value for multiband overlay data (def=4)
RANge=a[[:/,]b[[,/:]c]] Defines how overlay values are mapped to dest ':' range of values mapped to one dest value ',' range of values to successive dest values '/' skip to this value values should be increasing. (def=1,nlevels-1 for RADAR)
UNIT= desired unit for overlay data. Requires a RANGE to be specified. If overlay is radar data the default is RAW, otherwise BRIT


The overlay datasets are overlayed onto the current frame using a default colour set. If you want to make a different set of colours then use the GU utility to make your own set.

There are default values for 6 and 16 level data for the GU and VALUES keywords. These are RADAR6_16.GRX for 6 levels of overlay data on 16 graphic level frame, RADAR6_32.GRX and RADAR16_32 for use on a frame with 32 graphic levels. For other level data you should supply your own table.

If the data does not geolocate on the frame nothing is displayed.


FRMOLAY NEXRCOMP/1KN0R-NAT UNIT=BRIT RAN='3:85,86:96,97:107,108:119,120:130,131:141,142:153,154:164,165:175,176:187,188:198,199:209,210:221,222:232,233:243,244:255' INT=0 GU=RADAR16_32

This overlays the data using 16 graphics levels (number specified in RAN=) and uses RADAR16_32.GRX enhancement. No scale bar by default. FRMOLAY RADAR/SELLICK

Uses the latest radar image from Sellick and overlays it on the current frame. The frame must have navigation. It may have a satellite image displayed for example. A scale bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen based on default graphics table obtained from info in radar data.

FRMOLAY RADAR/SELLICK RADAR/WOOMERA.13 GU=MYGRAPH VAL='0.3;1;2;4;6;8;10;15;20;30;40;50;60;75;>100;'

Uses the latest Sellick image and image from position 13 for Woomera. Both these should have the same number of data levels and the annotation on the scale bar is set by the user. The graphics table is changed to use MYGRAPH.GRX
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