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Plots vertical time series of FSL-profiler wind fields.


PROFSECT id time nobs tinc



LIST List the stations that have data for time


id 5-character station ID (e.g., PLTC2; no default)
time Time (HH, HH:MM) of most recent report to be plotted (default = current)
nobs Number of observation times
tinc Time range increment (minutes) (default = 60; < 0 reverses order of time series - latest on left)



DAY= Julian day of most recent observation (default = current)
ERA= Erase frame before plotting (default = YES)
FLAGC= Flag colors for wind speed intervals (see SPD) (default = 3 2 4 1 5 7)
FLAGS= Size of the wind flags (default = screen size/time-range increment dependent)
GRA= Graphics frame for plot (default = current)
LAB= text color line ele size text, color, location and size for title
  text title's text; 72 characters maximum; specify X without quotes for default text (default = computed)
  color graphics color level of title (default = 3)
  line beginning TV line to write title (default = above diagram)
  ele beginning TV element to write title (default = left side of the diagram)
  size size of label (pixels) (default = plot dependent)
MOD= Profiler mode used: (LOW/HIGH/BOTH) (default = BOTH)
SF=YES Switch to image/graphics frame (default = NO)
SPD= Speed [knots] break points for color mapping (default = 10 25 35 45 55)
TYP= type of data (HOUR/6MIN)
  HOUR hourly summary (default)
  6MIN 6 minute data
ZH= Highest level [meters] to plot (default = MODE dependent)
ZI= Interval [meters] between plotting of wind barbs (default = 500)
ZL= Lowest level [meters] to plot (def = MODE dependent)

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