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Installing McIDAS-XCD 2022

To begin this procedure, you must be logged on as user mcidas, and you must have already built and installed McIDAS-X.

  1. If you want to use the ADDE GRIB server (highly recommended) for NOAAPORT model data, make sure that the environment variable MySQL_ROOT is defined in your shell-appropriate configuration file. Please refer to Preparing the mcidas Account to see how to set MySQL_ROOT.

    After completing the steps outlined in Preparing the mcidas Account, logoff and then log back on to force the settings to take effect.

  2. If you have not already done so, build and install the XCD executables:

    This will build and install the Unidata McIDAS-XCD executable, help, and ancillary data files in the ~mcidas/bin, ~mcidas/help, ~mcidas/data, and ~mcidas/workdata directories.

  3. If this is the first installation of McIDAS-XCD on this workstation, proceed to step 6.

  4. If McIDAS-XCD routines are running, you must force them to exit until the installation of the new distribution is complete.

    First, become the user running the LDM (assumed here to be the user ldm):

    Use your favorite text editor to modify the appropriate pqact.conf file:


    # Entries for XCD decoders
           xcd_run DDS
           xcd_run HRS
           xcd_run NCON
    # Entries for XCD decoders
    #	xcd_run DDS
    #	xcd_run HRS
    #	xcd_run NCON

    and then check the pattern-action file just edited for gross errors, and, if there are none, send a HUP signal to pqact:

    Next, kill the process startxcd.k:

    Note that there may be two invocations of startxcd.k running; if thre are, then one should be the child of the other.

    Finally, exit back to the mcidas login:

  5. If you built your previous McIDAS installation to include MySQL support, and if you created a MySQL database, remake the database by removing the old one then making the new one by running the two commands below. Be aware that the gribadmin removedb command completely removes the database, so all entries added before this command will no longer be accessible. If a password is requested, enter the password for the MySQL root user, which was set by the person that installed MySQL:

  6. At this point, the building and installation of McIDAS-XCD is complete. You should refer to the McIDAS-X/-XCD v2022 Unidata McIDAS v2022 Release Notes and complete any required actions listed there.

    After completing any required actions, you can logoff.

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