NetCDF  4.9.0
dtype.c File Reference

Functions for User-Defined Types. More...

#include "ncdispatch.h"

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int nc_inq_type_equal (int ncid1, nc_type typeid1, int ncid2, nc_type typeid2, int *equal)
 Learn if two types are equal. More...
Learning about User-Defined Types

Functions to learn about any kind of user-defined type.

int nc_inq_typeid (int ncid, const char *name, nc_type *typeidp)
 Find a type by name. More...
int nc_inq_user_type (int ncid, nc_type xtype, char *name, size_t *size, nc_type *base_nc_typep, size_t *nfieldsp, int *classp)
 Learn about a user defined type. More...

Detailed Description

Functions for User-Defined Types.

Copyright 2018 University Corporation for Atmospheric Research/Unidata. See COPYRIGHT file for more info.

Definition in file dtype.c.