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netCDF::exceptions::NcException Class Reference

Base object is thrown if a netCDF exception is encountered. More...

#include "ncException.h"

Inheritance diagram for netCDF::exceptions::NcException:
netCDF::exceptions::NcAttExists netCDF::exceptions::NcAttMeta netCDF::exceptions::NcBadDim netCDF::exceptions::NcBadFieldId netCDF::exceptions::NcBadGroupId netCDF::exceptions::NcBadId netCDF::exceptions::NcBadName netCDF::exceptions::NcBadType netCDF::exceptions::NcBadTypeId netCDF::exceptions::NcCantCreate netCDF::exceptions::NcCantRead netCDF::exceptions::NcCantWrite netCDF::exceptions::NcChar netCDF::exceptions::NcDimMeta netCDF::exceptions::NcDimSize netCDF::exceptions::NcEdge netCDF::exceptions::NcElateDef netCDF::exceptions::NcEnoGrp netCDF::exceptions::NcExist netCDF::exceptions::NcFileMeta netCDF::exceptions::NcGlobal netCDF::exceptions::NcHdfErr netCDF::exceptions::NcInDefineMode netCDF::exceptions::NcInvalidArg netCDF::exceptions::NcInvalidCoords netCDF::exceptions::NcInvalidWrite netCDF::exceptions::NcMaxAtts netCDF::exceptions::NcMaxDims netCDF::exceptions::NcMaxName netCDF::exceptions::NcMaxVars netCDF::exceptions::NcNFile netCDF::exceptions::NcNameInUse netCDF::exceptions::NcNoCompound netCDF::exceptions::NcNoMem netCDF::exceptions::NcNoRecVars netCDF::exceptions::NcNotAtt netCDF::exceptions::NcNotInDefineMode netCDF::exceptions::NcNotNCF netCDF::exceptions::NcNotNc4 netCDF::exceptions::NcNotVar netCDF::exceptions::NcNullDim netCDF::exceptions::NcNullGrp netCDF::exceptions::NcNullType netCDF::exceptions::NcRange netCDF::exceptions::NcStrictNc3 netCDF::exceptions::NcStride netCDF::exceptions::NcSts netCDF::exceptions::NcTrunc netCDF::exceptions::NcUnknownName netCDF::exceptions::NcUnlimPos netCDF::exceptions::NcUnlimit netCDF::exceptions::NcVarMeta netCDF::exceptions::NcVarSize

Public Member Functions

 NcException (const char *complaint, const char *fileName, int lineNumber)
 NcException (const NcException &e) throw ()
 NcException (int errorCode, const char *complaint, const char *fileName, int lineNumber)
int errorCode () const throw ()
NcExceptionoperator= (const NcException &e) throw ()
const char * what () const throw ()

Detailed Description

Base object is thrown if a netCDF exception is encountered.

An unsatisfactory return from a call to one of the netCDF C-routines generates an exception using an object inheriting this class. All other netCDF-related errors including those originating in the C++ binding, generates an NcException.

Definition at line 24 of file ncException.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NcException() [1/3]

NcException::NcException ( const char *  complaint,
const char *  fileName,
int  lineNumber 

Definition at line 23 of file ncException.cpp.

◆ NcException() [2/3]

NcException::NcException ( int  errorCode,
const char *  complaint,
const char *  fileName,
int  lineNumber 

Definition at line 40 of file ncException.cpp.

◆ NcException() [3/3]

NcException::NcException ( const NcException e)
throw (

Definition at line 57 of file ncException.cpp.

◆ ~NcException()

NcException::~NcException ( )
throw (

Definition at line 81 of file ncException.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ errorCode()

int NcException::errorCode ( ) const
throw (

Definition at line 91 of file ncException.cpp.

◆ operator=()

NcException & NcException::operator= ( const NcException e)
throw (

Definition at line 68 of file ncException.cpp.

◆ what()

const char * NcException::what ( ) const
throw (

Definition at line 86 of file ncException.cpp.

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