Unidata Upgrading To TDS 4.5

New Requirements

GRIB Feature Collection Changes

  1. You must change your GRIB feature Collection from featureType="GRIB" to featureType="GRIB1" or featureType="GRIB2".
  2. The valid options for timePartitions are directory or file.
  3. On-the-fly updating of datasets is no longer supported. If you have datasets that change, you must use the TDM.
  4. Datasets are automatically partitioned by GRIB reference time. If there are multiple reference times, you have the option of giving access to a TwoD dataset which has two time dimensions, reference time and valid time.

Example 4.3 catalog:

<featureCollection featureType="GRIB" name="GFS-Global_onedeg" path="grib/NCEP/GFS/Global_onedeg">
 <collection spec="/data/ldm/pub/native/grid/NCEP/GFS/Global_onedeg/.*grib2$"
   timePartition="1 day"
   olderThan="5 min"/>

 <update startup="nocheck" trigger="allow"/>
 <tdm startup="true" rescan="0 8,23,38,53 * * * ? *" trigger="allow"/>

 <gribConfig datasetTypes="Best LatestFile Files" />

For version 4.5 should be:

<featureCollection featureType="GRIB2" name="GFS-Global_onedeg" harvest="true" path="grib/NCEP/GFS/Global_onedeg">
  <collection spec="/data/ldm/pub/native/grid/NCEP/GFS/Global_onedeg/.*grib2$"
    olderThan="5 min"/>
  <update startup="never" trigger="allow"/>
  <tdm rewrite="test" rescan="0 8,23,38,53 * * * ? *" trigger="allow"/>
  <gribConfig datasetTypes="TwoD Best LatestFile Files" />

For complete information, see GRIB Collections and TDM.

Netcdf Subset Service Changes

  1. You must change the service endpoint for Netcdf Subset Service (NCSS) in your catalogs from:
  2.  <service name="ncss" serviceType="NetcdfSubset" base="/thredds/ncss/grid"/>
     <service name="ncss" serviceType="NetcdfSubset" base="/thredds/ncss/"/>
  3. Consequently, access to the NCSS has a different URL path. (If you are accessing NCSS from the HTML form, or are correctly parsing the catalog, then you dont need to do anything different)
  4. An old (4.3) NCSS URL:


    Should be changed in version 4.5 to:

    Note the only difference is the absence of "grid" after "thredds/ncss" in the URL.
  5. The REST interface has changed. If you have been using NCSS from a script, you will need to check your URLs and parameters, and possibly change them, see the NCSS REST API. (If you are accessing NCSS from the HTML form, then you dont need to do anything different).

New Features in version 4.5

API changes

Rectangle2D hr = new Rectangle2D.Double(); hr.setRect(prect.getX(), prect.getY(), prect.getWidth(), prect.getHeight());

Internal changes


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