Unidata Upgrading To TDS 4.6


GRIB Feature Collection Changes

  1. GRIB Collections now scale to large numbers of files.
  2. New indexes (.ncx3) will be written the first time GRIB files are accessed. You may delete the older indices (ncx, ncx2) if you like. The gbx9 indices can stay as they are somewhat expensive to build (requiring a sequential read of the GRIBfiles). Deleting them will allow a few minor improvements to be made when recreating.
  3. GRIB Best Collections now show the runtime as an auxiliary coordinate, and runtimes are monotonic increasing.
  4. Some GRIB specific FAQs
  5. For complete information, see GRIB Collections and TDM.

Bug Fixes in version 4.6

See JIRA issues log

API changes

Client Catalog API

The catalog processing classes in thredds.catalog2 package have been replaced by thredds.client.catalog everywhere in client code. If you are using thredds.catalog2 in your code, please switch to thredds.client.catalog, as it is takes less memory and is better performant. The old classes are deprecated but still available, but in future versions they will be moved to legacy.jar, which you will need to seperately include in your classpath if needed.

Internal changes


Upgrading from 4.3


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